Sunday, August 19, 2018

Portland Adult Soapbox Derby

One of the benefits of having an extinct volcano in your city is that you can build large soapbox derby cars (life size versions of the ones you might have made out of a block of wood in Boy Scouts decades ago) and race them down the mountain. In Oregon this is called the "Portland Adult Soapbox Derby" and they ran it yesterday out in the sun on a beautiful day.

I love this car. It is a parody of the "Wild Wild Country" guru from the recent Netflix documentary covering the guru who came to remote Oregon in the 1980's and ran a sex cult with dozens of Rolls Royce cars in the middle of nowhere (central Oregon).

Here's the teletubbies!

And finally, note the interesting beer that the Gilgamesh brewery brought to the rally. They don't serve Coors Light here...

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