Saturday, January 20, 2018


Last night I attended the Illinois basketball game against the Badgers here in Madison.  The final score showed Illinois getting shellacked by 25 points but that really doesn't tell the tale.  The Illini were dominated from the opening tip.  They never led, and played absolutely awful from the get-go.

I am not sure why the new coach even took the job.

These are "bottom of the bucket" days for the Illinois athletic department, as far as the two big money sports go (men's hoops and football).  We were "defeated" in Big Ten play in football this year and are "defeated" so far in basketball.  I was thinking that this could be some sort of record if we go one entire year not winning one conference game in football AND basketball.

So I donned my research hat and took a look at the last time this happened.  Of course, the internet is awesome and I found this article.

Interesting that BC did just this very feat a couple of years ago.  After that you need to go back to TCU some 45 years ago.  Then you go all the way back to the world war two era for that Georgia mark, which isn't really fair since the season was stopped by the war.  From there you have all of the Sewanee marks, which are also dumb since they were obviously in a conference that outclassed them.  Then you go back to Northwestern in 1925.

So hey - the Illini could make history this year.  In futility.

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Carl from Chicago said...

Aargh this is brutal. I can't believe how terrible our teams are.

I used to think it was my presence that caused the Illini to play so poorly since I am the "cooler". But while I don't help, they are terrible when I am absent.