Saturday, April 01, 2017

Portland Spring

We've had a long, long winter in Portland. Not only did we get a lot of snow storms (it was the worst winter in decades), we received historic amounts of rain in February and March (the rainiest in 120 years!). If you ask a local Portland resident they will tell you that summer begins "the day after the 4th of July". This was traditionally when the nice weather started.

However, last year I arrived in April and we had beautiful weather from April all the way through November. It was fantastic, with sunny days and occasional rain that seemed to clear up right away. They really don't have thunderstorms here in the Pacific Northwest like they do in Chicago; for whatever atmospheric reason, there is little to no lightning (per this article it is because the Pacific ocean is cold and the air is dry). The wine harvest has also been changing; it has been earlier in recent years because the summers' have been much warmer.

Thus based on my one personal data point, the 2016 summer from April to November, the fact that the weather seems to be changing right now is fantastic. I saw this rainbow on the drive home from work and it hopefully is indicating that the great weather starts NOW.

Compared to Chicago, it stays light a lot later in the summer (Portland is north of Minneapolis). Thus it is a lot of fun to come home from work and then go for a long walk throughout the city or a nearby park in the evening. Contrast that with the winter, when it has been either snowy (for a bit) or incredibly dark and rainy. I've had enough of that!

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