Friday, November 18, 2016

Goodbye Gerry

Gerry was a good friend of mine and I was very sad when I heard he passed on. I was able to visit him at the end of September and although he was sick he was in high spirits and defiant. I know that he fought hard against his illness.

This photo is a great way to remember him because it makes a lot of his great qualities immediately apparent. This is his garage, and it was spotless. I've never seen such a clean garage! That day he took apart my father's Glock and fixed the periodic jamming that occurred and cleaned it down to the last part. He knew exactly what he was doing and was patient and very helpful even though I am helpless at mechanical things and repair.

He also drank an American beer (barely a beer, if you are being technical)! Although Gerry was a fantastic cook and brewed his own beer on occasion, he was not big on pretense and was a very practical guy. He knew how to make his own entertainment and when to casually enjoy what was already available.

Gerry was a great artist. He was able to draw, paint and illustrate. He often helped me with holiday cards and also did our fantastic Gunstock flyer every year. He was a man of many talents.

He wasn't very good at retiring, however. He kept trying to retire but then he would go back to work. I think he liked helping people, especially with regards to hunting, and he liked to learn more about the gear and technique so that he could get better.

It won't be the same at the Bears' home opener and it certainly won't be the same with Gunstock. We will miss you, Gerry.


Dan from Madison said...

Great post and great photo.

Terry from Crown Point said...

Many thanks to you Carl and Dan. My Big Brother Gerry enjoyed not just a notable friendship with you but writing for and sharing posts on LITGM. Activities like the Bears opener and Gunstock became traditions which I too was able to share. He was the most creative person I knew and I met a lot of talent being in the same business as G. No, things won't be the same, but as I've heard "things never change - everything changes".

Jonathan said...

Condolences to Gerry's family and friends. He was obviously a very talented and generous guy. RIP.

Karam Aldahleh said...

I'm so sorry for your lose and I think your blog is amazing. Some of these posts are helping me with my current English projects.