Sunday, October 18, 2015

Crescendo of Doom (Beer)

I was walking through my local Binny's emporium when I spotted something that stopped me in my tracks... a beer called "Crescendo of Doom" which of course is a reference to the Squad Leader expansion pack for the British and French circa 1939-1942

Something like this of course halts me in my tracks. How often do you see a Char B1, the famous French heavy tank with a 75mm howitzer in the body of the tank and a 47mm gun in turret, on a beer can? Never! And the grim looking French and English soldiers in early war uniforms, to boot.

Just thinking of Squad Leader brings back memories. That game system changed the world of gaming and spawned multiple expansion packs including Cross of Iron (the Russian front), GI Anvil of Victory (the USA and Britain), and Hollow Legions (the minor Axis allies). Back in 2008 I did a post where we bought an old Squad Leader (original game) version online and set it up and had some fun. I haven't gone back to it since, sadly.

My recommendation to anyone is that when you see a beer can with a French tank circa 1940 and a reference to Squad Leader expansion games is "BUY IT NOW"!


Gerry from Valpo said...

Brewed in Munster Indiana…my home town. Also home of Three Floyds Brewery. Any connection?

Dan from Madison said...


Jonathan said...

I got yer tactical lager right here.