Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Busy Day In Chicago

We had a friend visit from out of town on Saturday and took advantage of this opportunity to show her around town and act like a tourist.

We started by eating at Taco Joint in River North which and then walked to Erie Park on the North Branch of the Chicago River where some baby ducks huddled on a rock.

Then we walked over to Clark Street Ale House where there was a nattily attired hound.

We went to Daley Plaza and it took a while to figure out that there was a collection of oddly dressed people among us.

It was a Zombie Rally! This is a group photo of everyone aligning towards their zombie leader.

There was an art installation called "Bodies at Rest and Motion" and we followed them as they wedged themselves into different parts of the Loop.

Finally we ended up at Millennium Park for a concert. There was a huge rainstorm so we didn't sit on the lawn but we went up front by the orchestra pit in seats. We used our blanket to wipe the seats down.

On the walk home from Millennium Park we saw the Trump building with the controversial letters lit up in the night. Doesn't look to bad to me but I'm not a formal architectural critic.

We ended the day with a donut from Firecakes on Hubbard street right next to the Slurping Turtle. The streets were packed with partiers and drinkers and it was very festive after the rainstorm cleared. That donut shop does boffo business.


Gerry from Valpo said...

"We went to Daley Plaza and it took a while to figure out that there was a collection of oddly dressed people among us. "

Haha...and you claim to live in Chicago? What tunnel do you travel through? : )

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha they were even stranger than usual.

John Cunningham said...

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Gerry from Valpo said...

Thank you for taking the time to respond John. I'll be looking into this soon.

Anonymous said...

What's controversial about the letters? Are they stolen from somebody's copyright, or smtg?

You know how to show visitors good time, Carl