Friday, December 21, 2012

One Fine Day At The Store

Went into the store Wednesday afternoon and took the floor at about 2pm after two entire days off. Back. Rested. Ready.

On my way to the main workstation I did my usual stroll, looking to see what had sold, what the stock looked like and what new items were new on display or on sale.

The shelf supply of .233 Rem was very low, some brands wiped out. 5.56 NATO the same. On an end cap where we had rows of PMAGS pegged (there were a few hundred when I left Sunday evening) were empty. A PMAG is a 30 round magazine made by Magpul, a popular aftermarket manufacturer of firearm widgets and gizmos. The area was a mess with trash on the floor and pieces of package debris on the shelves. It looked like the bread aisle at a grocery store the day before a Midwestern snowstorm was predicted.
At the workstation the phone was ringing off the hook. I could have stood there and repeated "no sir, we are out of PMAG's or, no sir there are no more bulk boxes of .233 Rem and no sir, have no idea when more will arrive" for hours so we took turns. I suggested a recorded message. One caller told me that PMAG's were selling in the $100 range on ebay. What cost a mere $14. a few days before now cost what? He was correct.

The manager told me a customer came in, confronted him and scolded him on displaying such horrifying merchandise. Our guy just shrugged. Obviously this individual came in with an axe to grind.

What next? If you do not belong to the NRA then join up. They will be needing all the help they can get. Write and/or send emails to your elected officials. Tell them to keep their lying political parasite hands off of our Constitution.

Friday night an email came to me from my son. All it said was "I am joining the NRA." Well done, son.


Carl from Chicago said...

You are on the front lines of gun control.

Obviously any attempt to confiscate the millions of guns in circulation is doomed

This is all political grandstanding in the wake of a giant tragedy

Sk8 said...

I had let my membership lapse, rejoined after your post. A reminder, active duty military can join the NRA for free:


Chris from Colorado said...

Just signed up for a two year NRA membership.