Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Difference

Illinois won our first game of the Tim Beckman era yesterday.  We didn't crush Western Michigan, but in the land of Illinois football, a win is a win.  MAC teams are vastly underrated, by the way.  Just ask Penn State, who lost their home opener to Ohio.

I like a lot of what Beckman has done.We tried to feast on the mass team defections from Penn State, even sending a team of coaches to their campus.  Many poo pooed this move but as it turns out, we didn't talk to any recruits that didn't call us first.  Even that said, I think it is FANTASTIC that we tried to scoop some of those guys out of there.  College sports is about winning, and only winning.  We also just poached an offensive lineman from Nebraska which is great.  He will have to sit out a year but will contribute next year.  We haven't won anything yet, but Beckman is doing all the right things trying to get the local high schools and community involved in the Illini Nation theme.

But lets get real.  I watched a lot of the Michigan Alabama game last night.  Michigan ranked 8 in the country, Alabama ranked 2.  Haha, I don't think so.

Alabama came out and absolutely crushed Michigan from the opening whistle to the closing one.  It wasn't even close.  The difference between an elite SEC team and and elite Big Ten team is stark, and was out there for everybody to see on national TV last night, as plain as day.  Their technique is better, they are faster, more fierce, and more athletic.

College football is the SEC and everybody else.  In fact, I will go a bit further and take it another step.  The rankings should as of now be:
1-7 in no particular order:
South Carolina
You can sort the rest of the national rankings any way you want.  You can even take a team like Vanderbilt, toss them into the Big Ten and they would finish in the upper eschelons every year.

So I will take the Illinois win, but at least I know how to keep these things in perspective.  College football is the SEC, and everybody else until further notice.


Carl from Chicago said...

The should make "Division ZERO" and put the SEC teams in there and maybe throw someone like Texas or Oklahoma to boot.

Then everyone else is "Division One".

Dan from Madison said...

USC too, on occasion.

Dan from Madison said...

I should add that although all of the top talent looks to be SEC bound, after that the mid majors are definitely catching up to the majors. Northern Iowa gave Wisco a good game yesterday, Ohio beat Penn State, and some other games were very close.

Carl from Chicago said...

I like division zero.

I know people who go to Vanderbilt (which is an actual school) and it is amazing that they are in the SEC.

Also USC is an actual school as well.

That's about it for the division zero schools as far as academics.

Dan from Madison said...

Vandy came very close to beating South Carolina and they looked pretty fierce. That is a lot to be proud of. Northwestern also has a lot to be proud of not to conceed on academics and still be competitive. Oddly, Vandy and NW play each other next week in what I shall christen the "smarts bowl".

Dan from Madison said...

We should clarify - USC may very well be a real school, but I think we both know that their football players probably aren't part of that. Schools like NW and Vandy insist that their athletes are held to the same academic standards as the other students which says a lot.