Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Please Go To the Milfflin Street Block Party and Get Drunk and Stoned Out of Your Mind

Every year it is the same shit.  The Mifflin Street Block Party has been going on for ages here in Madison but this year we have a new twist.  More on that in a second.

Per that source of all knowledge carnal wiki, the Mifflin Street Block Party started here in Madison back in 1969 as a Vietnam protest.  Since then it has just turned into a huge beer bash, complete with bands.

The city hates this crap, as it costs lots of cop overtime money, and on occasion we have a riot.  The 1996 riot was the biggest and best known one.  A bonfire was set to combat the cold weather, and a fire truck came in to extinguish that.  Beer bottles and other assorted crap were tossed at the fire engine and the cops came in with riot gear to bust up the party.  Other smaller incidents happen every year.

If the city and university would just let it alone, it would probably fizzle out over time.  But this year the UW Dean of Students decided to chime in with her absolutely mind numbing plea to the students:

I am sure that Ms. Berquam's outrage over the Mifflin Steet Block Party re Cinco de Mayo is of utmost importance to the kids that will be at the party (lol!).  And I am also sure that Ms. Berquam didn't have the same sense of outrage when she was marching around the square last February seeing all of those (insert tyrannical depot here) = Walker signs.

Honestly, there are approximately two Mexican people that go to UW - I know this because when we attended the UW vs. Nebraska game last fall, Carl and I were two buoys of relatively sober sanity bobbing in an enormous ocean of drunk Caucasians.

That aside, if I was in kollej again and saw my dean of students making this video (honestly I really had no clue who the dean of students was/did when I was in kollej) I would be making a BEELINE to the PAR-TAY!

So by making this stupid video Berquam has brought a TON of attention to the bash and I am sure it will be fantastic for all involved.

Of course we already have parody videos:

As one astute commenter said at the comments of the above video (there are MANY hilarious comments), this remix will be played at EVERY house party at Mifflin.

You may note that Berquam's original video was taken down, and that the new video is a re-upload.  A sign that Berquam doesn't understand that the internet is forever.

If you click through to the Isthmus article there are some hilarious tweets about it too.

Have fun everyone!  I won't be anywhere near the place.  But if I was 20 years younger I would be.  In spades.


Carl from Chicago said...

That's funny. I like the video. Damn I wish I could go there, too.

Dan from Madison said...

I read a comment at the youtube video that said "if I don't remember if I was there, is that the same as not going?" - probably written by the guy we saw being held up by the porta john while he was passed out during the third quarter of the wisco nebraska game.

Andy From Indianapolis said...