Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bad Bets

When we went to Reno for the Super Bowl weekend, Carl and I placed some longshot bad bets on the game. For the Super Bowl you can bet on almost any stat imaginable. The very worst bet was placed by Carl, who put I think $20 on the TOTAL score being below ten points. I think he got 200 to 1 on that crap bet. Carl, correct me if I am wrong on the bet but I think I am close. Well, today on InTrade there is a proposition - Scott Walker as the VP. As of right now it is a .7% chance. Yes, seven tenths of one percent. As an aside, Walker is a 65% favorite to win re-election in the recall election. Which bet above is worse? Hard to say.


Carl from Chicago said...

I will look for my notes but 200-1 sounds about right. Hey let's play 200 super bowls and one will be less than 10 points. Of course I lost so what do I know.

I don't know if Walker is such a long shot... the fact that he can talk and is a lightning rod might be GOOD for Romney since that guy is as boring as sliced bread. The problem with Romney is that no one knows what he will do... but since Walker actually tried to follow his election promises, he has some credibility.

What would the odds have been for a 1/2 term governor from Alaska have been at this time in the election 4 years ago? Probably pretty damn low, too.

But once again I am the worst bettor NEVER follow my lead :)

Dan from Madison said...

Walker I think has a little more time here in Wisco before he goes national in some fashion. And he will go national, it is just a matter of time.