Sunday, May 30, 2010

Urban Wildlife

Dan does a better job than me trying to describe urban wild life.  I try to keep my eye open from time to time.  On the upper left you can see that a Canadian Goose has laid their eggs on one of the abandoned piers in the Chicago River.  On the upper right I was kind of cheating because they had Crayfish in a tub outside Heaven on Seven and I couldn't resist the photo.  A rabbit kind of hopped across a pot hole filled parking lot, and a duck was in a pond in my parent's backyard out in the Chicago suburbs.

On a funnier note my brother said that there are Great Horned Owls, coyotes, and wild turkeys in his suburban yard.  Apparently the turkeys are SUPER dumb and they kept going on some guy's porch and attacking their reflecting image in a door knocker.  Oh well.

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Dan from Madison said...

Heaven on Seven - great place.

I like the photo of the rabbit. I am simply amazed that animals can survive in the concrete jungle. I saw a skunk scapering across a parking lot on my way to work the other day, right in the middle of an industrial park. Weird.

Turkeys have made an incredible comeback all across this area as well.