Thursday, April 15, 2010

Road ID

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We used to have "we shill for nobody" on the top of the blog since we typically don't - note the lack of advertising here. It keeps us honest and really, what would we do with the $.38 a day that this blog would generate anyway (maybe not even that much).

On occasion we do break that little rule to talk about a product or item that we like. This is one that I should have bought long ago. The Road ID.

In the summer months my typical bike ride is well over 50 miles and if I am doing a loop, I can really end up in the sticks. On a lot of the rural routes I bike I typically see more tractors than cars.

As is the case for any road cyclist, I have had some close calls. The usual scary ones are when you crest a hill and a car is coming each way. The car to the rear of you can't see you so hasn't made any room on the right for you. It can be a bit harrowing at times. I almost ate it on a bridge once as well. Last week I came about two inches away from being doored outside of the zoo here in Madison.

Now that I am distance running as well, there are times where I am quite a decent distance away from home, although not to the extreme as with biking.

I plan on going to France next year for 10 days to ride some Tour de France routes.

With all of this in mind, it was time for me to get a Road ID. It is simply a bracelet/anklet that you wear while exercising. On it your basic personal information is engraved, so the paramedic or whoever finds your broken and/or shattered body laying on the side of the road or in a ditch can contact your loved ones as they take you to the hospital or morgue.

It arrived in about a week in this pretty fancy package. At first I thought that the fancy packaging was wasted money, but after thinking about it it is OK as I can put the bracelet in it and it won't get lost in among all of my other bike gear.
The Road ID website was very easy to use and you can check it out here. You simply start typing your information as you want it to appear on your bracelet. They had two options - a cloth version for 19.95, or this plastic/rubber one for 29.95. I took the plastic/rubber one because I sweat more than most humans and thought that the cloth one might rot away over time.
It is a one size fits all, and you trim it to your wrist. This is a great idea for hunters too, or anyone else that may need help if a lot of people aren't around.
I will be wearing my Road ID whenever I run or bike from here on out.


SK8 said...

Does it say your blood type on it? Might be useful in a trauma situation. Something they do in combat zones to save precious time, just an idea.

Mark said...

You don't take a cell phone when you ride/run? I guess I could see that for running. In the past I kept an ICE contact in my phone, but now I just put "-wife" on the end of my wife's name.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Looks like a very good product for your purposes.

As for hunters if we are not carrying a valid license we not only are without ID we could also end up surrendering our equipment, a fine and potential jail time from the DNR which has more latitude in arresting a person than any other law enforcement agency.

Hunting licenses usually have space for blood type as well. Also a good idea in an emergency.

Dan from Madison said...

I usually carry a cell phone but if the paras don't know how to use it, etc.

The blood type is a good idea and was a suggestion at the Road ID site, but I opted not. Ambulances don't usually carry around blood anyway and I figured the info I put on there was more important.

Jonathan said...

Seems like a good idea. I have a "in case of emergency" card in a clear window on the outside of my wallet. It has my name, emergency contacts and the name of my main doctor.

Rear-view mirror on sunglasses helps a lot. I watch for idiots who drift off the road while on the phone.

My worst close calls have been on narrow rural and suburban roads, when two cars were coming towards me with one driver trying to pass the other. Now if I see this happening I try to stop and get away from the road immediately.

There are many really bad drivers.

johnnyj said...

"I'm gonna attach a 20 dolla bill to your collars and wish you the best of luck..."