Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Cascade of Thoughts

The last few weeks have been tough for me for a variety of reasons. None of that is very important, but something else is.

As I have ramped up my physical conditioning I have noticed that I have required even less sleep than usual, which is helping me get reading done. I am glad that I have been reading more. I missed it.

I forced myself to read a fiction book that Carl sent me. I didn't like it at first, but stuck with it and am glad I did. I need to be "normal" and read a fiction book once in a while. There was a lot of killing in it, which held my interest, I must admit. Almost everything I read has killing in it, since I am an amateur military historian.

Along with helping me get more reading done, my physical conditioning has made my thoughts clearer, colors brighter and sounds more pleasing. I understand that this may sound stupid.

I am the most intense I have ever been. You may not notice this if you talk to me, but in my cranium there is a lot going on. Everything is ramped up. I have to work and keep doing things or I go nuts. If the TV is on I need to be reading or checking out things on the internet at the same time.

I was in my warehouse getting a huge order together for an important customer. I consider this customer so important that I personally get their things together. There can be no mistakes. If there are any, I have nobody to blame but me and that is the way I like it.

I was hauling a large box above my head and I was walking through a section of the warehouse where we store sheet metal fittings. The corners of these fittings are very sharp. By now you probably know where this is going.

I didn't see one of the fittings sticking out of the box and scraped it pretty hard.

Now, if you have ever been cut by sheet metal before, you know the feeling. The pain isn't that bad, but you know what is coming. I held my hand out next to me without looking at it and a bunch of thoughts began to race and swirl through my head. I was planning my next few days while I was waiting for the results of this escapade to make themselves known.

While I was waiting for the eventual trail of blood to start flowing down my arm I tried to remember where the nearest emergency room was. I have a race Sunday, I will need to be sure to take care of this wound while running. I have Muay Thai tonight, I will probably miss that. I will need to make up the class somehow, maybe a private lesson. I could use a private anyway. The rest of this order still needs to be set up, I will have to come in early tomorrow to get it done. Still no waterfall of blood on my arm, that is good. I won't look yet - maybe in another minute or two. I wonder if I should get a mop to clean up this aisle.

Eventually I looked and I got very, very lucky. What I thought would be a mess of plasma and flesh was just a surface cut. There was a lot of blood, but it looked like raindrops on a pane of glass.


Carl from Chicago said...

Ha I didn't realize that you were reading that book to relax. I would have sent you something funnier and less intense :)

Dan from Madison said...

It was pretty good, now I have to rent the movie. The ending sucked though. The whole book was super intense, then 20 pages of b.s. Hopefully the movie has a better ending.