Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dumb Time Waster

Our old blog masthead used to say that we don't "shill for anyone" and that's still the truth. We do tend to stick up for things we like, and I am ashamed to admit that I was pretty damn entertained by something I saw on TRU TV network (their slogan is "Not Reality, Actuality") while doing nothing late night.

In partnership with "The Smoking Gun", a web site that I get a kick out of sometimes when they post police reports and also the "riders" that music stars fill out when they come to tour in your town, there is a TV series called "world's dumbest" and they have the usual cop chases, car crashes, and other ridiculous items.

This photo is from when a crane in Argentina was trying to pull a bus out of the river but they apparently failed to calculate that the bus would weigh more when it was full of water so the whole crane fell in. Then they also have the usual comedians commenting on the proceedings - one guys' take was "That's why Argentina can't have nice things".

Another scene showed some sort of Fiat race in Brazil where a little car went about 100 feet off the track, hit some sort of embankment, and flew about 40 feet into the air and over the fence and into a forest or something. The best part was that this was apparently "no big deal" and the race just kept going. Then ANOTHER car does pretty much the same thing.

In addition to the comedians that you haven't heard of that are pretty funny they intentionally went out to scrape the absolute bottom of the barrel to find completely washed up celebrities to do skits and narrate the proceedings. I am talking Tanya Harding, the Willis from Diff'rent Strokes, Lief Garrett, and Gary Busey whom they periodically hand an open mike to and let him talk which is just insane.

This is on my TIVO list and if it is 2am and I've had a few drinks and can't sleep I know just the thing.

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Dan from Madison said...

I have to hand it to the guys at Smoking Gun. They post a lot of great stuff over there, and I love reading about the insanity that celebrities go through. Last week when that nut flew the plane though the that building in Austin I heard that he left a long manifesto. Nobody could find it besides the Smoking Gun since the FBI had already taken the guys website down. So they are really fast and on top of things.