Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bears vs. Steelers Tailgate, Part Two

Part One is here, click any photo to enlarge.

I have set the atmosphere, now on to the FOOD.

For appetizers, Carl's better half made some kickin' great salsa from fresh peppers harvested from the wilds of their Chicago balcony. It was just the right amount of spicyness and tasted so fresh and good.

These poor suckers next to us should have been ashamed of themselves. They started out with the chip buffet and moved on to plain old burgers. So sad. If you are going to tailgate, at least show up with acceptable chow. Chips are NOT accetpable unless you are putting homemade salsa on them. Burgers are barely acceptable, but they need to be doctored.
The offering given by Gerry and Gerry's brother (I know his name but didn't want to put it up without permission) consisted of many treats from the fryer. This was the first time any of us have ever tailgated without a grill and I have to admit it was very unique. First up were some fresh freedom fries for everyone to munch on.

Next up was the highlight for me, the perch that Gerry caught several weeks ago. These were easily the largest perch filets I have ever seen. The real key was the breadding and the quick frying - they only took about 45 seconds per batch. The fish didn't taste greasy at all, just tasted like they should - perfect.

And they were freaking awesome. NO tartar sauce needed. Next up, course number two, frog legs and pork tenderloin.

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Sk8 said...

Kickass DFM. Straight out of the fryer, looks great. South lot sounds like where all the action is. Maybe someday...