Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Perch Are Definitely Back

And they is real good eatin'!

Some days we get a few other days we get a lot. On some days we get nothing but that’s rare. Then there are days when everything goes right. Yesterday was one of those days.

We decided to go out on the big lake to see if the perch were in. The reports were good.

Putting in at the Hammond marina next to the Horseshoe Casino it was 85 degrees, a dewpoint at 70 and little to no wind. It was stifling heat for 7am. Our destination was Calumet Harbor, which is mostly Indiana water so our licenses are good. Pulling into out spot it took all of one minute to be dripping in sweat. The rod was slipping out of my hand kind of sweat. When the wind did blow (more like a breeze) there was some relief and enough to move the boat on some good drifts.

Friend Tom was in the boat, he hauled in the first perch within ten minutes on a spinner tipped with a crawdad. It was huge measuring at 13”. A few casts later he brought in a twin. Then another, all 13”. That meets the largest I have ever caught. The bro got into the action with another about the same size.

When my turn came I hauled in the biggest perch I have ever seen in any boat and my personal best, a whopper 14" perch.

Soon I had a big one on my drop weight two hook rig tipped with two big minnows. Then another. Holy crap I have never seen such enormous perch. At one time my double hook rig landed two fish one about 12” and another at 13”. Where did all the small ones that usually get caught in the mix go?

Perch eat each other so my guess is all the small ones were hiding deep in the weeds or split for safer territory. These perch were the size of keeper walleye and for perch, they put up a fight considering I was using 4lb. test mono and an ultralight outfit. We used a net to ensure few could get away.

In comparative proportion these perch would have been seven to eight pound walleyes.

A limit for the three of us would have been 45 total but when a thunderstorm chased us off the lake about 12:30 we had to settle for 30 huge perch. The weight of this catch had to outweigh some of our past limits.

We pulled the boat out and headed to the fish cleaning station to line them up for photos and divide the catch. Other fisherman we had seen on the water on the same spot came over to take a look. Looks like we outfished them all judging by all the compliments.

Last years biggest perch day is located here here and here.


Dan from Madison said...

Oh my god those are the biggest perch I have ever seen, GREAT catch!!!

Gerry from Valpo said...

Thanks. Never in my life have I seen such huge perch and so many in just a few hours. Can't wait to eat 'em this weekend.

johnnyj said...

Holy cow! I've never seen perch that big, awesome! That's a good day of catching...