Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Recently I was flying back from Europe and we passed over the southern tip of Greenland. This is the area with some amount of rock as well as the deep glaciated fields of ice. This photo I took in black and white.

The sky was amazingly blue and the colors were vivid. It looked very good out the airplane window and I managed to get none of the window frame in the shot and the glass didn't seem to interfere with it too much.

Since I figured that it is unlikely that I'll ever physically touch down in Greenland this would likely be as close as I'd get.


Carl from Chicago said...

I had this scheduled so as not to go over the top of your Madison post but then you added your 2 year anniversary post so I am moving it down again.

Dan from Madison said...

Gah, no worries about my posts, ever.

Dan from Madison said...

Cool photos too.

Carl from Chicago said...

At Chicagoboyz someone really left some good links in the comments to that posted version of this post.

I also saw a site called

greenlandphotos.net that had a lot of good info and photos

Dan from Madison said...

I printed those posts off and am going to read them on the plane tomorrow, should be good reading. Those links were by Sgt. Mom, who is outstanding, btw.