Saturday, March 21, 2009

Separating The Champions From The Trolls

The other day I wrote a piece about what Indiana University Basketball has meant to me and why. I also mentioned that our #1 rival, Purdue, was my favorite in this year’s NCAA tournament. It pained me to say it but hey, I need some reason to stay interested.

WARNING: Salty language in some videos may not be approved by the P.C. Gestapo.

Most of what I write here at LITGM is not intended to solicit comments. Dan started the blog and one rule he made is to avoid politics, a subject that draws excessive Troll activity.

At times it happens and most comments are either complimentary or civil or both. Occasionally I am corrected on a fact, fine. Then there are the Trolls who have no motivation in life other than to harass or pick an online fight with one who holds an opposing viewpoint. My favorites are the Trolls that not only disagree but also bring to light the true inner unhappiness that lies within their soul. It’s common Troll behavior.

In the piece I wrote recently I stated my opinion that Coach Bob Knight was “unjustly demonized” by the media. That’s all it took for one Troll to bound out from under his bridge.

As Trolls like to do, this one commented - "Unjustly demonized" - written by someone who can overlook ALL of the megalomaniacal and egotistical men who have walked the face of the earth.”

I assume he was referring to yours truly.

Except I never overlooked anything or anybody because that wasn't the subject. A comeback comment that paints a broad characterization such as that is typical liberal Troll behavior as seen on political blogs.

For the record, here’s how I feel about Coach Bob Knight.

I believe coach is neither megalomaniacal nor egotistical. He’s a fvcking basketball coach fer’ crissakes not Chay Guivera or Hugo Chavezz. Call him boorish or politically incorrect in public, fine. I know for a fact the coach would agree with that. He can’t change and he knows it. He told me, personally.

I can safely say that Bob Knight is not too different from most successful coaches when it comes to his methods in demanding respect, attention and perfection from his players. He knows what it takes to build championship teams. His problem has been leaving his practice and locker room behavior in the locker room.

Public outbursts and bad behavior are not acceptable and I make no excuse for his. I stand by my personal opinion. Coach Bob Knight was “unjustly demonized” by the politically correct media and at times on a daily basis. It got to the point where he was stalked, hounded and baited by the leftist mainstream media. Unfortunately for him, he took the bait. This in no way diminished his incredible success and leadership while building championship teams. He truly was a General, like Patton. The difference is that General Patton led conscripted soldiers and General Knight led scholarship athletes who begged to play for him. His graduation rate was 80% exceeding all major NCAA basketball programs.

Coach Knight is not the only one that has been singled out by the mainstream liberal media. These goons pick their fights politically. Coach Knight is an old school conservative compared to Alec Baldwin for example, who is a serial abuser and loud mouth leftist anti-American pr!ck. Baldwin physically abused his beautiful wife in public and verbally abused his young daughter in a phone conversation. His reward? A starring role in an NBC prime time comedy and frequent guest spots on The View. Bob Knight choked the self-choking Indiana starting guard Neil Reed in practice and as a reward the tape was played for weeks. I would have choked Reed too if given the chance.

The media can be very forgiving, if they prefer the individual’s politics. Why, just the other day on the Jay Leno show, our self-proclaimed Hero and Savior made a blatant slur against Special Olympic athletes claiming that his bowling game resembled the Special Olympics. He was instantly forgiven and his comment was literally purged. If Coach Knight claimed his last practice resembled the Special Olympics the sound byte would have been beaten into the ground for weeks with the media demanding an apology and even then it would not have been good enough.

Coaches can be brutal in practice and in the locker room when necessary. The successful ones have no tolerance for less then 110% effort and perfection. They often single out weak players to make an example in front of the others. I know, I played competitive team sport and experienced this tactic. Competitive team sport is like boot camp. Think "Full Metal Jacket". Humiliation, threatening language and physical violence is part of the game at all levels. But the commenter Troll wouldn't know this because most likely, he never played the game.

90% of the successful team coaches are no different from Coach Knight but are smart enough to keep it where it belongs. The liberal media parasites love to single out a non P.C. boogie-man and flog him constantly with the intent of using him as an example. Sound familiar? I guess it takes one to know one.

For every crybaby player Knight coached there are 100 others who worship the man. His methods made them champions and they know it. Start with Coach K. (who played for the coach at West Point where he took Army to the semifinals of the National Invitation Tournament three times and because of West Point's height requirements, he did it without one player over 6 feet 6) and work your way down. Just ask Isaiah Thomas. Isaiah is a superstar and gentleman who speaks from the heart. I almost weep when watching this. It's extremely touching.

The job of a coach is to first thin out the herd, toughen up the toughest, work on the fundamentals, and demand perfection through constant drilling. At times they keep some voluntary jock-sniffing cannon fodder on the team for the starters to feast on. That's just the way it is in competitive team sport, like it or not.

Here’s my advice to the Troll. Stick to gymnastics, synchronized swimming and figure skating. It's probably better suited for a man like you. I'm sure the coaches in those sports are much more sensitive, gentile, understanding and compassionate. I bet some even have warm tender moments in the shower with their athletes.

Here's The General one last time, displaying some of his worst behavior. Just awful, truly unacceptable.



johnnyj said...

Right on--You nailed it...Another great post...I've always liked BK, he's a pretty decent fly-fisherman too!

Gerry from Valpo said...

...and a decent wing shooter.

Payton3416 said...

Coach was a class act. He donated millions to the university's education side. I was fortunate enough to be 50 feet from coach as he gave his farewell speech to the student body in dunn meadow. The man truly loved indiana university and all of his "students".