Friday, December 12, 2008


I have been doing a lot of reading lately about self defense. For the purposes of this post I will restrict the topic to open handed martial arts. Lets face it, if you are Bruce Lee, and you come up on any person who can shoot a gun, you are f1cked, for the most part.

I read an interesting statistic published by a prison guard - 70% of street conflicts end up remaining standup, and 30% go to ground. That is good news for a Muay Thai practitioner like me.

You can get attacked anywhere. In the grocery store, a parking lot, it doesn't matter. The key is to minimize your risk. I am somewhat poor at that last statement. Well, not as bad as some.

I like to sit and have a drink now and again at bars. The good thing is that most of my drinking is done well before 8pm, since I am now old - meh, lets say mature. But on occasion I will be out late at a bar and have a higher risk of a confrontation. Bars are fight magnets, compared to a health club, or grocery store.

That said, if I was approached to get into some trouble, as I was last year in Minneapolis with Carl, my initial reaction is to try to defuse the situation and get the hell out. Carl witnessed me do this and I was pretty proud of myself.

But there may be a situation where an assailant might have me cornered and push may come to shove. This video is the absolute best thing I have seen on self defense in a bar...well...ever. I never even considered the tabasco sauce - I put that stuff on everything I eat and very well could have a bottle on my table at any time in a restaurant or bar. And I LOVE the stance he uses to talk to his potential assailant.

Also note his use of head butts and groin strikes - this is very much modeled on Krav Maga or Jeet Kune Do.

Look up the rest of this guys videos and watch them all - they are REAL LIFE, outstanding videos about street fighting made by a guy who has been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

My first defense is still to try to avoid the situation and/or run like hell.


Carl from Chicago said...

I can certainly attest that Dan showed much restraint in Minneapolis.

We would have brawled in a hallway outside a shopping mall Hooters. That is a bit of indignity, too.

Dan from Madison said...

I don't think that guy would have waited until we were outside...

Carl from Chicago said...

You would have beat him on the spot.

That was 2 years ago... you probably can do it even faster now :)

That damn bankrupt truck driver (in my head at least)

Dan from Madison said...

It would have been a bad day for him.