Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Since I like to work out and take care of myself I tend not to put empty or junk calroies into the machine. If I eat big, it is usually delectables like ribs or wings.

I have never had an energy drink before today. I have seen them all over the place, and they seem to be taking up more and more space at the convenience stores that I frequent. Even at the check out counter there are those 5 hour energy bombs. I am pretty scared of them. I have never even tasted a Red Bull before.

In the vendoland at work they put in this Full Throttle stuff. I usually only go to the vendoland to have a diet coke midday, but I thought I would try one of these to see what they are all about. The taste was like Mountain Dew jacked up with sugar. It drifted into an artificial citrus type of flavor. Yuck. But I choked it down just to see what would happen.

I haven't had a cup of coffee in a couple of years, having quit back when I was sick. So to say the least, this 16 oz. chemical slurry affected me in many ways. I am not exactly more alert, but more jittery than anything. No way could I take a nap, something I desperately need. It isn't like I can take a nap at work anyway - but if I were home and could lay down there is zero chance I could go to sleep. I have been making some very poor judgement calls over the last week and I attribute a lot of it to lack of shuteye - I am just not thinking straight. Not making excuses for myself, just sayin'.

As a matter of fact, I get more of a "buzz" when I am working out intensely, the runners high, as they call it. This runners high feeling is more of a "high" than a buzz. With the Full Throttle, I almost feel like I have had a couple shots of Beam washed down with three cups of coffee, if that makes any sense. I assume when I crash from this in a few hours I will be a wreck, face down at my desk in a pool of saliva.

I am probably more sensitive to this crap than most having never had one before and not having any caffeine of volume in quite some time. Any of you drink these types of products? How do they affect you?


johnnyj said...

Eeeew...Can't say that I've tried it nor do I plan on it...I can barely stand soda pop...

But, if it keeps you from making 'bad judgement calls' (like getting a tattoo!!!) then by all means drink up!

Dan from Madison said...

Meh, don't think so. Nasty stuff.

Jonathan said...

Dude, Cuban coffee.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of altering experiences, I was once just out of high school, younger & wilder. Out drinking with friends and I got talked into taking some speed. I was wide awake, smashed! Wierdest, verging on out of control feeling I ever had. Cured me of ever trying any other drug experimentation for the rest of my life.

Franklin said...

I don't really like to take giant energy drinks like Full Throttle... I find them to give you lots of energy in the beginning but the crash afterward is brutal. I usually take 6 Hour Power energy shots. You might prefer that too, actually.

They come in a small 2 oz. bottle, have zero calories, and are sugar free. They don't end with the dreaded crash and come in 5 different flavors. They easily are my favorite 'pick me up' since it gives a good amount of long-lasting energy without the jitters. Check them out at www.6hrpower.com

If you have any questions about 6 Hour Power energy shots, just let me know. I work with them, and we'd love to hear what you think of the drink.

Franklin Keane