Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gunstock '08, Part 2

Part one is here, click any photo for larger.

This is a shot of Gerry shooting the .50 cal muzzle loader at an empty Heineken keg. That was a great target.
And here is the exit wound. Ouch. It made for a great show as the keg jumped several feet in the air after absorbing that hit.
The rest of us had fun with that keg afterwards.
Here is a selection of the shotguns that were used. There were some real beauties. I think this is almost all of them with a few missing. I didn't get any shots of the trap shooting at all, and my video of it was horrible as well. Sad.
This is a photo of the long range rifles that were used. On the left is Terry's lever action Savage .300 that is approximately sixty years old. I fired that one and almost hit the bull from 100 yards. It didn't kick too bad, but after five or ten I bet it would hurt. It had a metal buttplate and would be a nice ride if I would have had a sissy pad. The one on the right is a pre-64 Winchester .308 iirc. It is Gerry's and he could correct me if I am wrong. Both guns are beautiful. I am jealous.

A few guys also shot .50 cal muzzle loaders from this distance and did well.

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Carl from Chicago said...

MORE great photos

we need to do that again soon