Tuesday, September 23, 2008

15 Rounds

Just like old school...

I remember being a little kid and watching boxing matches on TV. They would have the heavyweight championships on at night, and usually they went for 15 three minute rounds. These fights typically ended sooner, but on occasion they would go for the full 15. By then the fighters were usually just laying on each other and nothing was happening. Back to this in a moment.

I had a rotten day yesterday for a variety of reasons. I was tired, and not really interested in going to the gym, but I dragged my butt in there. I am glad I did. About 20 minutes into my strength circuit, all of the stress and sh1t of the day started to melt away. As I was huffing and puffing, my mind became clear and was working on the task at hand. It was really amazing. If you don't currently exercise, you should start - it will help you with a lot of things. But enough preaching.

Afterward there was a smattering of fighters looking for training. There was an odd man out so I stepped in for some body boxing. I clashed knees with a guy and OUCH did that hurt. It put both of us down for a minute. I am none the worse for wear though. I just figured it was a continuation of my crappy day. Then I received instructions to hold pads for one of our pro MT fighters. We only have a couple pro MT guys. It was great. We went 5 three minute rounds. Then I held for an amateur for four rounds, a different amateur for three and then a pro for four. A total of 15 three minute rounds holding pads, and I took one round off somewhere in the middle as a break. I was pretty damned tired. Everyone was very complimentary of my pad holding. It is clear that I am the very best in the gym holding pads. I haven't seen what other gyms have going on, but I would wager that I am one of the best pad holders in the state at this point. I should video one of my sessions sometime.

In curriculum, we are going through a mind bending blizzard of combos and techniques and I am not fully grasping them all. The only good news is that I am not the only one. The stuff we are doing is very advanced - and I hear this from guys that have been at the gym much longer than myself. I still am TOO TIGHT - I need to relax a lot more when sparring and running my techniques. That is the magic pill - the correct balance between strength and technique. I am still too afraid of getting hit and need to work on my techniques more. I should just let my defenses come instead of getting so tightly wound. It will happen.


Snakeye said...

Man, I remember taking Boxing at the Academy. I was amazed how tired you get even after 5 rnds of sparring.

Dan from Madison said...

You really have to have top notch cardio to get into it seriously. I have never just done standard western boxing, but I assume it is similar cardio wise to kickboxing.

Even the top MT fights only go five rounds, I am thinking that comes from a damage standpoint rather than cardio since guys are taking kicks, knees, elbows, punches and all the rest instead of just punches.

Thomas said...

nice post. any time i drag myself to the gym when i'm feeling lousy, i love the contrast of feeling great when i'm done.

as for tightness, i'm really tight in all my muay thai technique right now, i think it's because it's tough for me to relax AND process learning and practicing something new at the same time... it's like by consciously focusing on my technique, or the sequence of the drill, i unconsciously tense up. then i see an experienced fighter do the same thing, and it's like "oh, that's how it's supposed to be."

also, i've noticed you've mentioned in a couple posts your strength training circuit. i'd love to read about what exercises you've found helpful for your muay thai technique and endurance if you have a chance to post it.

thanks for the post, look forward to reading the next one!

Dan from Madison said...

The circuit is sixteen exercises done two minutes each, with 45 seconds of rest in between each exercise. I will try to remember them off the top of my head.
1. Sledgehammer a tractor tire, alternating sides (this is for obliques)
2. Bosu ball pushups, crunches and trictp pushups
3. Medicine ball crunches, v-ups and side to sides
4. Bag work
5. Jumping rope
6. Single and dual leg drops
7. Medicine ball pushups and tricep pushups with lunges inbetween
8. Bag work
9. Band punches and pec pulls
10. Ab lifts over a thai pad, pushups on a thai pad and sprawls
11. cant remember
12. shadow boxing
13. Band work for shoulders and biceps
14. jumping jacks
15. large ball pushups, abs and tricep pushups
16. knee work on dummy

You get the idea, a complete body workout in about 45 minutes. It is very intense and you are pretty sweaty when done afterward if you do it right.