Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cubs vs. Sox at Wrigley Part Two

We saw this guy at Yak-zies after the game. I think he stepped in from a fox hunt or something.
Classy... front of the shirt.
And the back of the shirt.

Ah... some things never change. Like "House of Pain" from 1992. Why is it that everything they were playing was the same stuff they played the last time I was in the bleachers, about 10 years ago?


Dan from Madison said...

You will hear that one again when you come up to the Wisco game - they do it between the third and fourth quarters. It takes on a new meaning when 90k drunks are doing it.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Good coverage of Wrigley. Can't wait for part three.

Me? I would rather have Michael J. Fox give me a root canal than endure another one of those overpriced north shore frat-boy kegger parties.

Quality sports venues allow tailgating.

johnnyj said...

That is a hilarious shirt...