Monday, May 19, 2008

Full Moon

There is a Rolling Rock campaign called "Moonvertising" which is advertising on a billboard near our house. It has been pretty much a bust so far.

But the "real" moon looked great over a building under construction in River North last night.


Dan from Madison said...

I am going to kick you off the blog if you don't tell us who is really taking these photos.

Seriously I see a big "Condos" banner at the top of that one building...the inventory has to be approaching the staggering level around you by now.

Carl from Chicago said...

Yes that damn building has been having ads up there for months. I wrote a post about how that building has been "calling the bottom". There is a lot of inventory piling up.

I changed the exposure to maximum and put the "face finder" on the moon so it focused there... and put it on the railing of my ledge and just held it as steady as I could. I would use a tripod but my railing blocks it unless I put it on top of a pot or something but I was able to hold this one steady.

It helps that I live around a lot of stuff that is photo-worthy. And I don't want to sound like I am bragging but I would stack my view against ANY condo in the city...

Dan from Madison said...

Better than Oprah's?