Tuesday, November 27, 2007

River North Views

Above is a view from the balcony overlooking River North. You can see the Rock N' Roll McDonalds in the front and the Hard Rock Cafe just past it. There is a great full moon and the Hancock in the upper left is lit up green and red.

We have fall colors in the city, too... just happens to occur in the median of the busy intersection on LaSalle Street.

This "Yellow Tail" advertisement is on the side of a building in River North. The tail on this clock "ticks" from side to side and it is a very eye catching advertisement.


Annie said...

I *think* I recognize the corner (green) of your RainForest Cafe. (?)
What is the building just off center to the left that is lit with blue?

Dan from Madison said...

Carl - I like the first photo, but with the night setting on the camera it has a very slow shutter speed to let more light in. You holding it causes the shake/blur. Go to Amazon and order up a $12 tripid and retake the photo - you will see a remarkable difference.

Dan from Madison said...

Tripid? How about tripod.

gerry from valop said...

The first image appears to be a carnival from your angle. Very colorful.

Here's a bit of Chicagol trivia. The owners of the rock and roll McDonald's once owned a decent restaurant on the NE corner of Rush and Superior called Armando's. It was across the street from my first job in Chicago and served as a lunchtime watering hole for my boss and our crew.

When they closed Armando's to open the McDonald's my boss thought they were nuts because the RN area at the time was nothing but stew bums and shuttered loft space. What did he know. That location between Ontario and Ohio was a smart move. It became the anchor for the RN regentrification and development.

Dan is correct. A tripid would help.

Carl from Chicago said...

Yes my balcony is round and sometimes I just set it on the ledge rather than using a tripod but indeed it would be better. It was just cold on the balcony that night!

The "blue" building is Excalibur, a dance club

Jonathan said...

Nice pics! I like the colorful trees.

Snakeye said...

I like the top two... for the night shot: when I was on the cruise (without a tripod) I would just stabilize it on a wall or balcony and try to hold it as steady as poosible. It works... but only if the shutter is open for 1 second or less. Anything more, and DFM is right, you'll need a tripod.