Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Could Happen

Above is a photo of the 1984 Rose Bowl, the last time the Illini played in the granddaddy of them all. Its been a long time.

Three or four years ago Carl and I took a trip to California and watched Illinois lose to UCLA at this very stadium.

Anyway,here is what needs to happen this weekend. Oklahoma NEEDS to beat Mizzou in the Big Twelve title game. An alternative would be for West Virginia to lose to Pitt, but WVU is a 28 point favorite. Oklahoma is favored by three over Mizzou. This puts the Ohio State University into the BCS title game (again). More than likely the Rose Bowl would then choose Illinois to be the Big Ten representative, probably to play USC. But USC has to get past UCLA first this weekend. That is no gimme either, as with rivalry games you can always throw the records out the window.

Also, we need either Tennessee or Boston College to lose. It is probable that BC goes down, and also probable that a pissed off LSU team beats the snot out of Tennessee. That would pave the way for the Illini to move up to #14 or higher in the final BCS poll, which makes us eligible for a BCS game (hopefully the Rose).

The worst we will do is the Capital One Bowl, probably against Florida. This is the game everyone in Florida wants as the hatred will flow from a jilted Zook. I assume everyone in Florida still hates him, even though they won a National Championship with his recruits last year.

But I will be honest, I want the Rose Bowl. So I have one thing to say...GO SOONERS!!!


Snakeye said...

Hells yeah... I'd love to see USC drop to the Fightin' Illini!

Carl from Chicago said...

I'll say one thing about Pasadena - no bowl anywhere is in a nicer part of town. Dan and I walked around in Illini colors and didn't even get taunted.

The Illini lost I think 10-9 starting their downward spiral (which they've since arrested) and I remember one of the Illini players slamming his head on the goal post in a way that looked very painful.


johnnyj said...

Sounds good dan...I would love to see Illinois in the Rose Bowl...I should support my conference and cheer for the pac-10 team but if it's the Illini vs. USC then I say GO ILLINI!

Dan from Madison said...

Screw your conference jj - you hate on those teams all year, you should hate them in the postseason as well. That is my new take I started last year.

johnnyj said...

You're right dan...You do the same for the big-11, respectively...