Saturday, November 24, 2007

Another Limit at Winamac

We hit Winamac again Friday (11-23) and another great hunt was had by all. It only took thirty minutes to bag our six-bird limit thanks to another outstanding performance by Speck. Take a look at the 3" of Indiana lake effect Gorebal warming in the back of Scott's pickup truck from Thanksgiving day. He lives just south of New Buffalo MI on the Indiana side. It snowed all morning in Valpo but to the east of us there was a lot more accumulation.

Speck was injured after last Sundays hunt. Her paw was bleeding and she had a few ticks but did not appear to be hurt. On Monday she walked with a gimp and spent most of the day on her couch. We had another hunt booked for Wednesday but she was still favoring the paw so we stayed home.

Yesterday my brother Terry, friend Scott, Speck and I left the parking lot of area 9 at Winamac at the 9 am (eastern) trigger time. Area 9 is my favorite spot. It has a good variety of fields, woods and some hills. Since the Indiana DNR now uses online registration for these hunts instead of first-come-first-served at the check in shack the regulars dribble in after the 9am start time. We had the whole damn place all to ourselves. Nice. Speck’s first point was on an injured hen from the day before. We let her be. The coyotes need to eat too. Moving on she pointed up a nice rooster and it flew in such a way that nobody had a clean shot through the woods.

This bird cackled a lot after it landed so we headed in that direction. As we approached more birds were cackling in the same area. When we got there we stumbled into a pheasant convention. Speck pointed one, flushed it and Terry got it with one shot. As he was loading the kill into his vest Speck pointed up another rooster and both Scott and I shot. Done! As I was putting this one in my vest Speck pointed another that Scott blasted. Then another, and another and another.

On the fifth bird my Browning Sweet 16 jammed. This never happened before with this gun so I decided to take photos of Speck pointing instead of screwing around with the gun in the field. The others would shoot the last bird. It would be a hen. Here's Speck pointing the hen, which is hard to spot in the photo.

Here is the same photo digitally enhanced and enlarged. Hens are very well camo’ed and hard to spot anyway. You can barely make out the eye and beak.

All that activity happened within thirty minutes. We headed back to the lot. A fabulous hunt on a very nice late autumn day.

One more hunt is reserved for tomorrow and my Winamac season will be over. Next stop, Jacksonville Illinois where I plan on waterfowling with my old friend Nestor. He has access to some of the best blinds on the Illinois river flyway and more decoys than you can shake a stick at.


Dan from Madison said...

Love that enhanced photo.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Thanks. Speck is a fabulous bird dog. Just got back from my final Winamac hunt and I will post the results tomorrow morning. Go....Bears?

Carl from Chicago said...

That top photo is pretty amazing too