Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's Not Gonna Happen

The goat is back and the clock is ticking. Soon it will be 100 years since the Chicago Cubs won a world Series.


Real die-hard Cub fans seemed to know that this playoff series was nothing more than another dry hump for the ages. Their lack of playoff excitement beyond the shameless local media euphoria is as plain as the nose on a goat's face.

Recent Observations:

-Not a lot of Cub hats or jerseys worn by fans downtown last week. During past Cub playoff years (not that there were many of those) there were uninhibited mass outward expressions of team loyalty and exuberance. Not this year. I have seen more Sox hats and 2005 White Sox World Series Champion t-shirts on the street.

-Not much water-cooler Cub talk in the office. Fans seem to know that this Cub playoff choke is another foregone conclusion and they are laying low.

-On the local news there were interviews with retailers who are complaining that Central Division Championship Cub merchandise such as hats and t-shirts are not selling at all. How embarrassing is that?? Do their fans finally get it?

-Lifelong Sox Fan Mayor Richard M. Daley wore a Cub hat to the big civic rally early this week. Could he be the next Cub curse?

-My usual Cub fan friends on the commuter train changed their riding habits to avoid me.

-Ronnie Woo-Woo has laryngitis.

Today the Cubs may prolong the eternal agony for their fans IF they happen to win. My prediction is that another Bartman will emerge. Cub fans need a new excuse.

The ridicule I was subject to for most of my life from Cub fans is coming home to roost again, big time. As a lifelong Sox fan the latest Cub playoff choke is going to taste as sweet as a grilled prime aged steak at Gene & Georgetti.

After all, my Chicago White Sox won the 2005 World Series. What do you think, Kerry Wood?


Carl from Chicago said...

At least one blogger on our site isn't quite so down on the cubs... I have good tix for Sat and Sun (if there is a game) and you probably can see me on TV behind home plate.

I know it is crazy but I am a SOX and a CUBS fan.

Just got my season tix renewal form for the SOX and it ain't happening after this disastrous 2007 season.

Dan from Madison said...

Really right behind the plate? Bring a small sign that says "LITGM" so I can see you on tv.

gerry from valpo said...

Carl, I will be watching. But please, leave the cell phone in your pocket. Otherwise I won't be able to pick you out from the crowd. And have a great time.

Alderman Jon said...

My wife commented on how many Cubs shirts were put right by the registers at Kohl's today. My immediate comment was that all Cub playoff stuff would be on clearance come Sunday morning. The Kohl's employee and a guy looking at the Cubs stuff started laughing.

My Cub fan neighbor will have a broom on his vehicle in the morning.