Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wring It Out

I have added an absolutely awesome blog to the sidebar, called My Muay Thai. They talk about the results from the big Muay Thai and K-1 fights as well as post a lot of cool photos and you tubes of the fights.

They also talk about MT classes and etiquette. Yes, there are rules and they need to be followed.

Last night was my most intense workout ever in a MT class. We have a lot of new people and I think the instructors are trying to weed some out. I don't have any proof of this, just a hunch. I don't know if it is the gym, or the sport of MT in particular, but the classes are absolutely packed as of late. A few weeks ago there would be more people in the Jeet Kune Do class that preceded mine than in the MT class. Not now.

When I started in the beginning of May the class size usually hovered around ten people. The last couple of weeks it has been more like 25. The gym is really small, so when we pair up for drills we are starting to bump into each other. I am very happy for the gym, but it is borderline unsafe. I spoke to one of the instructors about this in passing and he mentioned that they are right now working on either starting to utilize the basement of the facility or moving to a larger place. I hope they don't move too far as the gym is right by where I work and is very convenient for me to scoot down there.

There are many new women in the class now, including one semi-babe. Many of the young single guys are more than willing to help her out. I didn't get any of that kind of treatment when I started out. Heh. Time will tell if she keeps up or washes out like so many of the other women in the class have. Speaking of young single guys, I have been taking an informal poll of the ages of people in the gym. I am so far the oldest by four years.

After last night's workout it seemed that my shirt was dipped in water and could be wrung out - we were all sweating that much. I think the owner likes the students to suffer a bit and get in good shape as since I have been going there the a/c has never been on, simply the front and back doors open with a small box fan to move a little air through there. After we practiced our punching combinations for a while and had some very heavy hands we did an insane ab workout. I did better than most, but not as good as some. It was crazy.

My structure and hand speed is improving quickly. I still hold my hands too high. I was corrected on that last night. Everything is really starting to come together though. I remember when I started. When practicing combinations I always dropped my hands - no more. I am starting to look like a real life fighter. I like working on my structure as that is something that I can practice at home or in the office if I have a few extra minutes. All you need Simple footwork drills can be done anywhere as well with no equipment and no real physical exertion. I guess that is the beauty of a sport like Muay Thai. Very small barriers to entry.

As far as earning my Thai Shorts goes, looks like I am very much on track to reach my goal of earning those by Thanksgiving. I want those things like I haven't wanted too much in recent memory. You can't buy them, you have to earn them.

My weight is quickly approaching 185. I honestly can't remember the last time I was this light. I recently went to the doctor for a physical and my resting pulse was between 44 and 48. He had to literally check my medical records to see if he had prescribed any sort of meds for that. He was impressed. He also said that I should go no lower than 180 on the weight. I think that sounds about right. That will be a 15 pound drop from when I started MT just three months ago. Nuts! Eating right and less booze helps, too.

I have mentioned several times that after MT class I seem to hear, see and feel better. This is starting to trickle over into the rest of my life now too. I asked the doctor about this and he says that is is not unheard of at all for people who take their bodies to new levels of fitness to feel better and have a better feeling about themselves in general. There was a chemical explanation that had to do with the levels of blood and other things pumping through your brain but I don't remember what it was that he said. He also mentioned that there are new studies that may prove that exercise may be a better treatment for clinical depression than meds. Interesting stuff. I knew exercise was important, and now that I am starting to unlock some of my bodies' potential I really understand it.

This Saturday evening is another Madtown Throwdown (#12), which is a Mixed Martial Arts format, like Ultimate Fighting. I can't wait to watch the standup portions and pick out the various strikes the fighters are using, just as I have been practicing the last three months.


Carl from Chicago said...

congratulations on the health. That is quite impressive. I have been working out with a trainer and doing more cardio and I really noticed an improvement when I was hiking in Canada recently. I also noticed how hard it was when I got back into training upon my return... you will have to build up some fat stores at the Bears tailgate (just kidding, know we have friendly atkins type meals)

Dan from Madison said...

Tx, I never thought about the Bears Tailgate being Atkins friendly, but I guess now that I think about it I suppose it is except for the booze.

We should think of a better appetizer though. My black bean salsa kicks butt, but something new would be better. Of course the ribs and shrimp for the main course will have to stay.

Am thinking the five liter is the new way to go this year too. The liquor stores up here have a pretty good selection of them.

nopstar said...

It's great that your making progress in Muay Thai and your fitness goals. I can tell you'll probably be sparring within a month or two... then a smoker...then maybe an amatuer event?

On another note, if the place gets too packed you should have them add more classes.

Dan from Madison said...

We are already sparring some, body boxing only for the time being, but eventually, yes I will be sparring with headgear, etc.

I don't think I want to start moving up into smokers and other events - I have too much to lose if I break my nose or something like that. Thanks for chiming in - your post about sparring a little while ago was spot on.

Snakeye said...

"Eating right and less booze helps, too."...
You may be SOL coming up in a month or so... it's Game Time!

Dan from Madison said...

Ain't that the season is not good for the waistline.

Carl from Chicago said...

or the liver