Sunday, February 18, 2007

Long Comment About Blogging

Snakeye and his friend Limey were discussing blogging in general and Snake was kind enough to link an essay I wrote a while ago about the subject. I apprerciate the fact that others understand and like what I have written. The internet has given so much to me it is nice once in a while to know that I have given something back.

Anyway, I was leaving a comment and it got way too long and I didn't want to clutter Snake's blog with it, so it morphed into this essay. Hope you like.

A combo of the two (catblogging and serious essays) is what I prefer. There is nothing wrong with posting a random photo or essay about whatever strikes you. It is your blog, have fun with it.

It is all what you want out of your blog.

You will more than likely never have any type of income stream so you may as well have fun and get what YOU want out of it.

I like doing longer essays at times that force me to do research and read about a topic. I like having a smart audience that knows a lot about a lot so I can get comments, get corrected and learn more. I comment on a lot of other blogs too so that extends the knowledge network.
So in the end, blogging is what you make of it.

I wanted to learn things and improve my writing and make a friend or two - those things are accomplished in spades, and worth far more than money to me. I even made contact with an old college friend - like I said, priceless.

One thing I can unequivocally state is that you should stay away from politics, or post on it only occasionally. The political posts I have found are the ones that draw the most comment trolls. I did a post on global warming and you would be amazed at the number of fucktards that just sit around on their computers and google global warming then go to your blog and lay turds. I just had to close comments from Carl's post about the North Face that you can see in categories on the left. You can see the utter waste of time the comments are in that post.

Anyway, best of luck and hope you have fun.


Alex said...

Thanks for your thoughts Dan, I'm glad I'm off to a good start. My blog will mainly serve to connect with people and I don't think I will have time to research in depth essays. I'll have to restrict my posts to my views and knowledge I have already. As for politics, I have ALWAYS stayed away from it since in my view other than doing your duty and voting for the right guy, you can't change anything anyway...

Carl from Chicago said...

dan you forgot to mention that our best posts that we like the most often go unnoticed... while your damn bald noggin' and my cccp post get all the comments. We just need to soldier on and do the best we can, knowing that we are continually improving and trying to make the blog world a slightly better place