Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Customer Service

Just what you want to see after three hours of tailgating before the game in the freezing cold:

At least the snow came out of the cup holder in one large ice ball.

“People coming to Soldier Field should abide by Chicago Park District Rules and Regulations. The Chicago Park District does not allow alcohol on park district property.” Visit www.chicagoparkdistrict.com for more information.

Our “Fans First” attitude is also a pledge to provide you the best gameday experience possible. All Bears and Soldier Field gameday staff have gone through extensive customer service training and have high standards for serving you.


PS Indy From Hobart said...

Only you two "yokels" would bring beer in a mini-keg, let it freeze in the car, put it on the grill to dethaw it, and then to top it off, actually drink it! Wait, let me guess, you probably thought it was the best beer you ever had in your lives.

Maybe next time you can find that female lap dancer we saw in September and ask her to "dethaw it". I bet she would be a lot quicker then waiting for the grill.

Dan from Madison said...

I am here to tell you PS that nothing froze in the car, it froze outside that day. 10 degrees - it was totally ridiculous. Actually the valve froze in the minikeg, not the beer fyi.

sk8 said...

DFM, who (or should I say who dat) am I going for this weekend? Ol rex is takin it in the chops these days on espn (at least the ocho). Who is your back-up? I saw the head coach repeat 3 times you guys are 10-2 with rexi.

No controversy to see here: move along, move along...