Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fois Gras merits a picket, demeaning women merits a snicker

In the Chicago neighborhood of River North there is a French restaurant (very good, in fact) called Cyrano's.

Chef Didier runs the establishment and is kind of a local celebrity.

Here in Chicago we have a few problems that might concern the city council, such as the fact that we lead the nation in the number of homicides (even though New York City has about 3 times the population).

But no, the city council has something to REALLY worry about, Fois Gras. Here is a link to an article about the hearings where the "issue" was debated. In the end they decided to let it drop, but it did take up a lot of time and energy. Chef Didier spoke on behalf of this traditional French dish and took a lot of heat from the usual "activist" suspects.

Right down the street from Cyrano's, just a few blocks away, is a different type of restaurant. Kizoku is a sushi bar that features a novel twist (for a city like Chicago, at least) - you can eat your sushi off an (almost) naked female model. Here is a link to an article describing it, which was all over the news here in Chicago.

My question is, where is the outrage? Why do the activists picket over a duck, but not care about the zero social redeeming value off of eating sushi off a model's body?

I really can't answer it, I leave it for you to decide, but to me it is nonsense, and indicative of their skewed priorities and values.

The interesting part for me is that you only have to travel a few blocks to get their priorities all laid out for you...

UPDATE: Welcome Chicago Boyz readers, and thanks Jonathan for the link.

ALSO: Thanks to Steven den Beste for the link.

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Anonymous said...

I know what foi gras is and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Furthermore I have been to places like France and have been to tours of the foi gras farms. They are treated much better than you think and better than US chickens and turkeys. I had a personal tour and the ducks are dumb they eat what they want until the last month where they do feed by tube but I witnessed it in person and the ducks are not unhappy at all. They are like goldfish in that they love to eat and yes their liver is expanded but they are not treated badly. At least the farms I have seen in France. I commented to him that he could sell more as he had room but he replied," I am happy with my fixed amount I do every year and when they sell out they gone". Maybe US duck farms with our capitalistic tendencies over cram the ducks per square feet and that should be changed, but to outlaw them is NOT right!

Foi gras should be available to anyone whom wants to eat it. The ducks if treated like the farms I visited in France are not treated in humanly. I feel we should make every efforts in making sure all duck farms treat their ducks correctly but not ban them at all! The ducks I witnessed are treated like royalty and only their last month do they get fed twice a day with a tube and believe me they are not suffering.

I will make every effort to educate people that foi gras is a great food and that the ducks are not treated badly! I think ignorant people are taking it to the extreme and should be ashamed at your tactics and misrepresentation of foi gras!