Sunday, November 27, 2005

"Engagement" in Iran = appeasement

Europe’s policy of “engagement” with Iran is really working out well.  Look at the recent moves in that fine, well-governed country:

  1. The new President, Ahmadinejad, called for Israel to be “wiped off the map”.  That is a pretty amazing statement for a president of a major nation, pretty much a declaration of war

  2. The new President has fired all of the “pragamatists” who might want to improve ties to Europe and the US

  3. Iran is making very aggressive moves with their nuclear weapons policy, and if they ever “go nuclear” this is likely to make for a very dicey situation with Israel, given note #1, above
Here is a link to a good summary article at yahoo.

Here is the amazing thing – making nice and holding hands with lunatic dictators, while covertly seeking their favor in terms of lucrative financial and business deals, isn’t really working out that well.  Who could have predicted this?  Well, pretty much anyone with even a micron of awareness of the history of appeasement.

Really, the dark secret here is that lots of Europe probably secretly is on the side of Iran.  As we saw with all the shady financial deals to prop up the “oil for food” Iraq program, most of the countries against the war were deep in bed with another dictator.  They don’t have the guts to face up to their own radicals in their midst, as seen from the uprising in France, and sympathy for the Palestinians goes down well with the young leftists and their anti-Semitic sentiments – don’t forget about their collaboration in the Holocaust under the Vichy regime.

I hope that the policy of engagement can be seen for what it is, a total, and abject failure.  Now can we stop even bothering to pretend to listen to these guys?

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