Saturday, October 29, 2005

Podcast #1

Yep, Life In The Great Midwest keeps bringing you the latest and greatest in cutting edge technology - or not. Anyway, I did my first podcast and you can listen to me drone for 8 minutes and 36 seconds here.

I used a service called podomatic and it was very easy to use - and free. Hope you like my first podcast - I may keep doing it depending on the amount of time I have. I have to admit I really liked doing it and it took a total of five minutes of prep work.

UPDATE: During the podcast I can't remember who George Dewey was and am so embarrassed! He was, of course the admiral of the US Fleet during the Spanish-American War who sunk the Spanish fleet outside of Manila. I love naval history and feel the Spanish-American War is one of my sweet spots - I can't believe I booted that one!


Carl from Chicago said...

I am going to try listening to this on my ipod on the way to work... I have an old mike too and need to get on this. I need to do this for my other sites, anyways.

Good post!

Dan from Madison said...

Let me know how that goes - there is no reason it shouldn't work. Wait 'till my next podcast...some good stuff on the way.