Monday, January 17, 2005

I Just Figured Out Where My Tidal Wave Donation is Going

WOW what a morning.

There was a huge fire in my neighborhood this morning. Actually, it was across the street, probably 250 feet from my house as the crow flies. The flames were literally 30 feet in the air, as I could see them OVER the house that sits between mine and the burning one. All of the streets are blocked off. As I left for work this morning the stench of the burning materials filled the air.

That moment, my wife and I decided that the donation that I was going to give to the tidal wave victims is going to the family whose house burned down if needed.

I am tired of "the world" complaining that the US isn't doing enough for the tidal wave victims. The real sharp stick in the eye is that when we have a hurricane or tornado, I have yet to see the Finnish government or the UN come riding to the rescue with money or other aid for our citizens.

My biggest fear is that if I give money to an organization like the Red Cross with a huge bureaucracy that the money would just go into the toilet or go toward buying cigars for a third world dictator. This way, I can know I am helping someone in need.

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