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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Those Special Moments

First I would like to thank Carl for the kind words he wrote about my photos a few entries down.

There are times when I am able to control the light/exposure/shutter speed to create pleasing images to share.  But there are other times where it's not possible to deliver the best results especially when capturing those special surprising moments, those extremely rare moments in time.

Yes, rare special happenings that can catch even the professional shutterbug (not that I am one) off guard. One such occasion happened Monday at Comiskey Park prior to the White Sox homo opener with the Kansas City Royals. Being a bright sunny but cold afternoon I had the camera set up for bright sunshine and the shutter speed fast to stop any action. Normally this allows the end result to be vibrant, sharp, but somewhat contrast intense. I have a few of those images and Carl already displayed a few of those he took and they are very well done so I won't bother with mine. I took photos of the tailgate crowd, our group enjoying the day and some shots inside the park. Before the game while in the parking lot that special moment happened for me to capture and when it did a cloud came by. Instead of showing the colorful in-focus images it occurred to me maybe I should share this blooper, an image that did not come out exactly as bright and crisp as I wished it had. Here is where digital imaging shines. No wasted film and no hours in the darkroom were necessary to even possibly save the image.

While tailgating and enjoying the day nature called. As I made my way to the crowded plastic porta-pottys in the parking lot I looked up and there it was. That special brief moment. With no time to make any adjustments I pointed the camera at the subject for one and only one quick image. There was one chance, one shot, a few seconds, to capture it forever and allow it to tell a story worth a thousand words so I snapped the shutter and hoped for the best.

After arriving home and downloading the images to my laptop I discovered the one I wanted to share most was so badly done it needed some work. In years gone by (with conventional chemical photography) to save such a badly lit image would take time performing custom lab work. Burning, dodging and even darkroom chemistry tricks would be necessary. Today we have digital image capture and Adobe Photoshop software making any bad image salvageable quickly and inexpensively. Sending the bits and bytes on a quick trip through a Photoshop levels layer I was able to save that image, that special moment in time, captured forever and proudly displayed on the internets for the entire world to share.

Here is the unedited and unaltered image.

Here is the same image after some adjustments.

If you think your eyes are deceiving you I zoomed in closer for a better view of one, rare, special moment in Chicago on an early spring day when we all were boys of summer, girls too.

I must say that even by Drunk Bear Fans standards this moment was quite spacial, don't you think?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fun With Photoshop

Somebody had to do it. Why not me?