Monday, July 18, 2016

That Guy From Indiana

Let me say up front my opinion of Congressman then Governor Mike Pence has been lukewarm. As an Indiana resident here's my perspective.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was a hard act for Pence to follow. And Mitch wasn't exactly Mr. Excitement. Contrary to the coastal lust for political grandstanding here in the flyover state of Indiana residents seem to prefer low-key constitutional conservatives who roll up the sleeves and quietly get the people's work done. And that describes Governor Pence perfectly since few outside of Indiana know who he is and how well he has done for Indiana. His top accomplishment has been holding onto and building on what Daniels accomplished. If it ain't broke why fix it?

Here in Indiana we enjoy a state budget surplus of two billion dollars. The state not only is able to pay the bills we have a rainy day fund in stark contrast to that place west of here called Illinois. We have a right to work law and strong respect for The Constitution. I do not consider myself a republican. I prefer Constitutional Conservative. This state has been controlled by the most conservative republicans in all branches of government for over twelve years. This has the state democrats in a snit since they have been after Mike for his entire term in office and cannot wait to get their hands on that big, fat, juicy two billion dollar state surplus.

Mike was facing a challenge in the next election from an ex-legislator union shill named John Gregg who opposed Pence in the previous election. Unions have been waging a campaign to "Fire Mike Pence" for the past three years. Most vocal have been the teachers unions. It's not been unusual to see their campaign signs dot the landscape during traditional non-election periods. Here's a Gregg campaign ad.

Listening to Mr. Gregg one would believe he is a conservative. It's not easy to attack twelve years of proven success under Mitch and Mike. Gregg has no choice but to mask his agenda and hide who he is in broadcast ads. We'll see if his small town hayseed schtick works.

For months these local television ads have been broadcast multiple times daily. No social issues and little mention of unions support as traditional democrat politicians prefer, Gregg goes after Pence because ONE company has moved out of state after attracting many manufacturing companies for the past twelve years. The jobless rate has gone from 8% to 5% and taxes have been lowered. But to shills like Gregg these are not real jobs because most are non-union jobs.

While viewing Gregg's ads the wife and I marvel that we have yet to see a single ad for Mike Pence. Pence has spent nothing on television ads that we know of while Gregg has made Pence the focus of his. Now John Gregg has no Pence to kick around and his opponent at this point is unknown. His and the union efforts appear to have been wasted. If he manages to eek out a win we can watch that surplus be sucked down the tubes in interest of more social programs and a return to teachers union corruption.

Initially it was surprising to me Mike Pence was considered to be a VP pick on the national ticket. After giving it more thought he makes perfect sense.

In my beginning statements it was made clear that I have been lukewarm to Mike Pence. He is a low-key conservative who quietly rolls up his sleeves and gets the job done. And that's the way we like our government to operate out here in flyover country.


Gerry from Valpo said...

Is Olympia beer still sold out there? I recall having it on many western camping trips. On the label it claimed their beer was brewed with "Tumwater". It was good.

Gerry from Valpo said...

OOps. This was a comment meant for Carl's story on Ranier beer