Sunday, July 10, 2016

Portland Life

My nephew recently came into town for a visit and wanted to get the "full Portland hipster experience". We weren't quite sure what he was looking for but figured we would find it on Mississippi Avenue, a street laden with new restaurants and bars. Here is a NY Times article on the scene there with this great quote:
North Mississippi Avenue in Portland delivers a hipster experience as reliably as the rain.
We walked up and down the blocks and sat outside and had a few beers then had dinner at The Rambler. You know that you are in Portland when you see a sign like this.

Another sign is drinking the local Montucky Beer. This is their equivalent of PBR - cheap and light. Bizarrely, they don't even call it beer, it is a "cold snack", which in a way is true. After doing 2 seconds of Internet research this beer came out of Montana but I see lots of folks here drinking it all the time.

Tattoos are everywhere. I was wondering about a "Portland Index" that would be calculated as follows:

Total cost of tattoos on your body / your net worth

I think for the average Portland person working in the service industry the index would be less than one - you can easily spend thousands on intricate, colored tattoos and not too many younger folks have a net worth (after including all debt and liabilities including student debt) that is positive.

Other signs of Portland:
- Strange man bun hair
- Smoking American Spirit cigarettes
- Generally every restaurant has excellent food (you'd simply be out of business almost immediately because so many other places are good)
- Dogs of every size everywhere
- People are mostly very healthy and plan active events. In Chicago 50% of the people I encountered would likely be categorized as "morbidly obese"

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