Thursday, June 23, 2016

Northwoods Notes 2016

In rating the past 30+ years of fishing in Ontario I give the 2016 trip a 4 for fishing and a 2 for weather on a scale of 1-5. We experienced a daily east wind of 10-15+mph and it rained every other day. This limited our time on the water and comfortable locations to fish.

To keep this short I will forgo publishing photos of the usual beautiful scenery, wildlife and side attractions/points of interest. Except this one.

Yep, that's The Big Dick bait shop in Kelliher Minnesota and I could not resist sharing it. I am sure the small town council and local pastor were pleased when that Big Dick sign was first erected.

Steady east winds each day (10-15+ mph) and rain every other day limited our time on the water and spots we could fish comfortably but we managed to pillage the Canadian natural resources just fine. Many large fish were taken and most were released. We ate lotsa deep fried fish (burp).

Caught a large northern pike 38" and 14 lbs, a rare size for the latitude. Ontario rules allow no pike over 29" to be kept so it was released.

The bro managed to land this Walleye that went 7.5 lbs. These are quite rare as well. Ontario rules state that only one walleye over 19.5" be in possession per license. He kept this as one his oversize walleye and gave me one of the filets. In a side by side comparison I intend to debunk the myth that smaller walleye taste better.

Past Ontario big fish tales can be found here.

There is one more story coming about our 2016 Ontario trip. Too long for one post.

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Outstanding fishing!