Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Indiana Spring

It happens every two years. Here in Hoosierville we never know what will emerge from the ground once the soil temperature and longer daylight combine to favor germination. Hard to tell which comes first, dandelions, political lawn signs or crabgrass.

Lawns occupying a corner lot on a busy intersection or roadway will often sprout a dozen or so political signs usually belonging to the same party. This one in a low traffic area obviously has a theme.

These days it doesn't take an election for certain union members to display a lawn sign proclaiming "Proud Union Home". Some signs appear on lawns all year long as this nearby property in the above photo.

There are others like it. It's as if us non-union homeowners should be ashamed that we managed to succeed on our own without assistance from a historically sketchy organization.

Rarely has Indiana been regarded by the national media as influential in a national outcome. 2016 appears to be to be different.

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