Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Wake Up Call

Forget Starbucks, Red Bull style energy drinks and those five hour energy shots. They have nothing on Cafecito (Cuban espresso). It is so easy and cheap to make. This may not be news to you tooth-grinding coffee snobs but it was a big discovery for old redneck me. 

My friend has made this at 4am for me on numerous hunting trips. When in Florida he suggested I buy this goofy little espresso brewer for $7 at a tiny Cuban grocery in Hialeah. No fancy espresso machine is necessary.

Water goes into the bottom section. The top half acts as a percolator. Between is a third stage that holds the espresso. Boil. It makes one tidy cup. Not much harder than using those K-Cup brewers which I like. Simple, easy, cheap, savory legal energy. A small four ounce cup puts me in orbit for hours.

The coffee itself is available here in Indiana at my local grocery and of course they have an online store. It is a brand called Bustello and has a dedicated following.

Here is a cup I brewed this morning.

This stuff does what a cup of coffee should do and that is to give you a four cup buzz that lasts hours but is only a few ounces at a fraction of the cost. And it is quite tasty.

Saves trips to the toilet too.


Terry from Crown Point said...

Sounds like it makes a great cup of STFU!

Jonathan said...

Ha, I love this stuff too and I don't even drink coffee.