Sunday, March 27, 2016

Is Blogger Dying?

I bought a new iPad and was going through all the steps of setting it up.  After the hard ones (email migration, etc...) I started looking around for an iOS app for Blogger (the software that powers this blog).  Since I am on my iPad a lot (I have a little keyboard and it is usually with me, as opposed to my 2011 Mac Book Pro which usually sits on my desk) it is cool to be able to get a quick post done and out the door.

But as I started looking for a Google Blogger official app, I couldn't find it in the App Store.  That's odd, because it exists on my iPhone so I'm not hallucinating.  But I really couldn't find it.  So I started looking around various sites and, lo and behold, Google isn't making an app any more for iOS.  They apparently pulled it and it doesn't exist (although if you have an old one you can keep using it).

So now I installed chrome on my iPad (you can use Safari too, but I figured Chrome would be more integrated) but it kind of sucks.  I can't get the side bars to work very well and it takes a while to do something simple to put labels on a blog post.  I haven't tried uploading pictures yet but will work on that and maybe it just takes a while to get used to this whole thing.

Funny one time I had a meeting with a big wig at Google ventures who used to be an executive at blogger and he assured me that Google had no plans to shut this down but I think this is kind of a bad sign.  Why Google would ever give up on something that gives them free money is beyond me... They probably have like one guy working on Blogger because there are few updates and it is a really sleepy app.  But it hooks up with the Google ad universe so once again I just don't understand why they would turn away free money.  Not that I actually know if Blogger is going away, I have like 2 scraps of info and I'm just speculating.

But in reality Word Press is kicking the crap out of Google.  Dan and I have other word press sites that are free (they throw ads in from time to time but we don't care, they can make the 3 cents that our blog generates) and they are super easy to use with advanced features and are constantly innovating.  Maybe Google just doesn't want to compete in that space for whatever reason.  I don't know.

If we started this site today I am sure we'd use word press.  Likely at some point we'll just cut over when we have some free time (ha ha ha not going to happen in the near term).  Oh well enough boring thoughts about blogging...


Gerry from Valpo said...

For me it is a waste of my time figuring out any of this digital crap anymore. Google and the rest of the online control freaks can do as they wish and my life will not in any way be disrupted by it. Still no Facebook page for me. Never twitted one word either, ever.

As far as my online needs it's all about reading alternative media information. And buying cheaper shit on Amazon and elsewhere. As long as we have a blog I will keep on blogging away. Love blogging.

Other than that my digital and online life has been in retreat. Just give me a full tank of cheap dirty fossil fuel, a reliable truck, a long ride in the rural countryside, some therapeutic range time, a roaring campfire and all will be well in my uncomplicated little luddite world : )

Dan from Madison said...

I think Google would have killed Blogger by now if not for the unbelievable roar of people who actually care about their content. It probably costs Google far less than a rounding error on their budget to keep Blogger up and running, so why risk pissing off a bunch of vocal people?