Monday, March 28, 2016

Breaking The Back of Winter lll

Our final day in Key Largo was spent on my friend's 36' twin screw inboard boat heading out to sea.

The trip required navigating a few shallow mangrove mazes, open bays and a channel that led us to open blue water. It was a 90 minute trip to get to the offshore Pennekamp reef.

Along the way my friend the captain pointed out points of interest like this home on the north side of Largo owned by rap guy named Pitbull. Never heard of him.

This tells me how much out of touch I am with pop culture. It's my choice and not some unintended ignorance. Whatever it is Mr. Pitbull does he has been rewarded handsomely for it.

In the center of the key is a channel where I observed some mighty fine watercraft.

It appears the vessel of choice for boat owners in the Keys is the double hull center console fiberglass boat. As a fisherman and boat owner these impress me.

These are powered by anywhere from one to four outboard motors. The colors of most homes and boats were pastel and serene. In this environment it was appropriate and expected.

These channel boats were parked in front of very luxury homes. All of the homes were equipped with not only ample dock space they also used permanent hoists to keep their toys out of the water.

Keeping a boat out of the water not only allows owners to keep hulls clean it protects them from tropical storms where water mooring could cause structural damage.

Once out on open water it was calm and we enjoyed the all day excursion. With women on board we skipped fishing and simply caught a lot of sun.

We will be back.

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