Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Tributosaurus Plays Queen and We Are Twisted F'ing Sister Movie

Tributosaurus is a Chicago based band that selects various musical acts and puts together musicians to play the songs like the records, note for note. This means that if there are guitar overdubs, they bring on 4 or even 5 guitarists so that it can sound exactly like you remember. Recently they played the band Queen at the Copernicus Center near the blue line station in Jefferson Park and the show was fantastic. They played a wide range of songs from their career and even strange ones like "Bicycle Race" and "Stone Cold Crazy" (but no "Dragon Attack"). The crowd skewed older (their songs are almost 40 years old!) and everyone had a great time; the venue is also used for local Polish events so they had many bars set up and it seemed that everyone was in during intermission grabbing a few beers to bring back to their seats. The highlight was when they played "Bohemian Rhapsody" with a 20 person chorus; they played the song once and told the audience not to sing along "because they had worked so hard practicing" and then they played it again with ONLY the audience singing, which was great because everyone was on their feet, almost 2000 people, singing along to that classic song. Highly recommended - catch Tributosaurus any time they are playing a band that you are interested in seeing.

On another random music note, recently I saw the "We are Twisted F'ing Sister" movie with a lot of hipsters in an art house movie theater. It was a great movie! Rather than the debauchery you would expect, it was a thoughtful treatment of how a band that started out covering David Bowie and other similar artists put on a huge live act and turned into the band we know Twisted Sister. Their story of attempting to get a record deal is epic; I love the one agent who helped them who was told that "if he ever mentioned Twisted Sister again he would be fired".

Here's the trailer for the movie.

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