Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The 10 Minute Pizza

Before mastering outstanding pizza dough at home not too long ago I settled for using store bought dough substitutes. Found on store shelves (such as Boboli) and freezer sections there are many offerings for pizza dough. Other substrate options would be english muffins and split sub rolls. Pedestrian as they were they made quick and easy meals. Not bad.

As documented on this very blog I have struggled to perfect every style of pizza imaginable. Chicago Deep Dish, Pan Pizza, St. Louis style, New York Thin Crust and Bar Pizza (very popular in New England and my favorite home pizza). We have mastered them all. How about ultra thin cracker style pizza crust? Here's a new simple and easy solution we recently discovered.

Ditch the cookie sheets, deep dish pans and baking stones. Forget the stand mixer and rising time. For this unusually flavorful and simple pizza we will use a humble cast iron skillet and flour tortillas. This is way too easy and requires hardly any cleanup.

Start by dripping a small amount of oil into a medium hot skillet before adding one 10" flour tortilla. It's best to match the skillet and tortilla dimension. The tortilla should not bee too small or too large for best results.

Spoon on and spread the sauce.

Add pepperoni. Tip: Before adding to any pizza spread the pepperoni onto paper towels and microwave for 25 seconds on high. This eliminates a lot of the grease and makes these meat wafers even better.

Not a lot of cheese is necessary. Too much adds moisture making the crust too flacid.

Transfer loaded skillet onto highest rack in oven set on broil. In about 3 minutes it's done but a constant watch will make it just right and keep it from burning.

The crust is as thin as a cracker and easy to hold with a flavor that doesn't get in the way. The edge will get as charred as one allows, we like a bit of char. After eating it lacks that heavy bread bloat.

Similar to the old corn water slogan.Tastes Great. Less Filling®.

The tortilla crust is nothing but a platform for ingredients and takes minutes to make unlike most pizzas we make that can take up to 2.5 hours including dough rising time.

Gourmet pizza? Hardly. This is munchie stuff, pigout food if you will. But it's fast easy and much better than the frozen stuff. For our first effort I used canned pizza sauce with pepperoni.

Next comes experimentation with one of our homemade sauces, sausage, more exotic toppings and cheese blends.

That's the 10 minute pizza. It's better than it has to be.

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Dan from Madison said...

When you use your own sauce this recipe will explode into another dimension. The sauce is boss.