Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dying Electronics

Historically you could keep items like clocks forever but over the years single-purpose clocks and devices have mostly gone by the wayside. For years we have had this ugly clock on a table in our TV room that used to be a combination radio / CD player. I don't have any CD's and about the only time we touched it was to "fix" the time after daylight savings time. Finally we gave up and now it goes down the dumpster and we have a spot now for my drink while I watch TV.

Here is a cool internet radio I bought called a "Squeezebox" that I use in my bathroom to play Pandora and also to tell time. The clock face is sensitive to light so at night if I use the restroom it is very dim but by day it is very bright (this is a nice feature). I wrote a review about the Squeezebox here for the blog back in 2011. Logitech discontinued support for this product line back in 2012 but it still soldiers on... connected to my network and with a confusing menu of options and strange apps. I recently was going to toss it because the time started getting slow but I was able to reconnect it to my new network and reboot and it is fine now. It will remain up on my shelf until it stops working entirely with Pandora. Running Sirius XM or Apple Music (which I also subscribe to) is impossible since it hasn't received updates since 2012.

Finally here is my Tivoli Sirius XM radio which I use in my living room. I have a side speaker (so it is in stereo) and also a subwoofer. This is how I listen to Sirius XM (it also has a standard AM / FM radio). We probably have literally the last one of these radios in existence. Here is a video showing how it works from 2008. At some point this will croak and I will need to figure out what to do next... likely just Apple music and Sirius XM through an iPad with a bluetooth speaker. I still pay for Sirius XM on this radio (along with my car) and I probably could get a better deal if I called up and threatened to cancel but I am too lazy to spend an hour on the phone bickering (I have done it before).

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