Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Holiday Spirit Peaks Early

Growing older hardens most folks. Like me. Finding reasons to get excited about wintry seasonal milestones becomes more difficult. Holiday Humbug? Not this year, not for me. Here are two two examples.

Example One

Red and green make the holidays festive. Saving green brightens any day where I come from.

Well lookie right here. $1.85 for a gallon of gasoline?

Filled my truck up this morning and had enough change left over for a Strawberry Slushee, a bag of Jack Link Beef Jalepeno BeefJerky and a few bags of peanuts too! Maybe we will see $1.50 per gallon by the end of December.

And to think I ordered a full size pickup truck with the 3.5 liter economy engine currently averaging 22 mpg. Knowing this I should have upgraded to the gas-guzzling power rich 5.0 litre V-8. Why? Because I am an ugly carbon spewing, earth destroying, speed loving American white male of privilege. Got problem with that?

Example Two.

What warms the heart of any 2A supporter more than three gift boxes within a gift box wrap of the ever rare .22 LR ammunition? Glory be, give the gift of ammo! 300 rounds total. Don't shoot y'er eye out kid!

Not only is the gift box designed in traditional holiday style and color it says tight on there label, "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year", not Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays or "Happy Festivus". Who knows, next year maybe they will consider adding a Nativity Scene.

It gives me comfort to see such un-pc statements on a modern day gift package. Let's say I have been bitten with the holiday spirit.

Anyone who is offended by this can kiss my mistletoe.


Dan from Madison said...

Love the Merry Christmas packaging. Which reminds me, probably time to dig out the mistletoe belt buckle ;)

Carl from Chicago said...

I wish we had gas prices that low.

Taxes add a lot to the price here... 63 cents according to this article. If I wasn't so lazy I'd research how much of these taxes are "per gallon" and how many are a % of the current price... likely it is less than 63 cents today but still probably 50 cents or more. It is worse for me in the city because there are like 2 gas stations nearby so there is little competition.