Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lighting the LED Way

Recently I posted on the fact that they don't stock old-school light bulbs in stores anymore and wanted me to replace my track lighting with LED bulbs, which would not have been right for my situation (because I won't be here long enough to earn a return on the electricity savings and want my living room to have soft lighting). It also turns out that those bulbs I bought on the internet say "not for use in the USA" which makes me an EPA rebel.

But that doesn't mean I am a total luddite. While I was laid up back in April after some minor surgery I had some time to kill and I bought an LED package from Hue which contained three cool bulbs and a home hub that connected to my router. I use two of these bulbs in traditional lamps in my office and the third one I have fun with in my dining room by turning it alien colors like green or purple in an older "globe" lamp I had that was left over.

I highly recommend buying one of these systems. You can use these lights as "regular" lights and put them on dimmers but you also can control them from your phone or tablet via an app and set up different sorts of colors and combinations. If you want to pay a bit more for apps you can even synch them up to your music or have them change colors like a disco (I am standing by the old school color model for now).

They have cheaper bulbs that are "white only" if you don't want to pay $200 for the three bulbs and hub. Buy one and have fun with it!

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Anonymous said...

"old school", indeed: you have vertical blinds on your window!