Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Home for my Old Router

Recently I upgraded my router that powers my home network to an Archer A9.  That left my old Apple "Time Capsule" router left with some of my old files on it since it is not only a wireless / wired router it enables file sharing, as well.

I was going to throw the router out but I looked on eBay and they are still selling for over $100.  My friend Brian usually finds a home for technology that is still useful so I figured that I would "wipe" the router and give it to him.

They have a simple function for "revert back to factory settings" and I used that at first but then realized that I needed to wipe the hard drive, as well, so my files wouldn't be recoverable.  I looked on the internet and they said wiping the sectors three times was the prior recommended level but some now are recommending seven times.  I selected three times and then noted that it took 8 hours for each pass across the 2 TB drive so I was signing up for 24 hours of effort.

I left the machine running for a full day for three passes and reset the settings to the factory defaults and likely Brian will find this router a good home that can serve someone for many years.  I wasn't using the backup features across my network anymore because of windows compatibility issues (I'm sure they could have been overcome but I didn't want to mess with it for hours on end) and since online storage is now so cheap.

Hopefully this will go to a good home and serve someone well for many years.  I liked the router but needed additional coverage and performance (and ports... there were only 3 wired ports on this router, I used a mini hub to add more ports) since we recently upgraded to 50 MB wireless in my unit and I wanted better coverage in more remote corners of my condominium.


Dan from Madison said...

You are better than me with this stuff. I just shoot and toss my old crap computer items.

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha hard for me to shoot things in River North but that sounds like more fun.

Lucky I know Brian and also have lots of local relatives can usually find a home for stuff. If I knew what an ordeal it would be to wipe that router maybe I would have tossed it down our garbage shoot but hell I learned something anyways.