Sunday, October 18, 2015

Go METS!!!

Being a lifelong White Sox fan following the Chicago Cubs was something I tried. For a short time. And failed. Their fans would not allow me to be a fan of both.

For decades working in downtown high rise office spaces we Sox fans were in a minority. We were often ridiculed, punished and even shunned for it. Why? As if what was going on on the north side was something to be proud of? Well, they had bars across the street from the stadium, rooftops and a charismatic blabbering drunk posing as an announcer and ringleader suffering from dementia in Harry Carey. And. And. Oh yeah, they wore the "Lovable Losers" tag proudly.

Similar to the Jedi mind trick used by democrat politicians, the local media have Cub fans believing they had something very special. Celebrities would show up at games to be worshiped and generate publicity many of whom were't real fans anyway.

My only respect that franchise has is smart marketing. Filling a stadium with mouth breathers worshiping a terminal losing effort isn't an easy feat.

Why can't I be a fan of both Chicago MLB teams? I would rather piss into Buckingham fountain at noon on the 4th of July than wish the Cubs any success. It's not anything against the owners, players, coaches or the guys who roll out the tarp. It's the fans. More obnoxious than Packer fans they are.

Into the post season they go and what I knew would happen is happening. The local media is slobbering. Every news story has a Cubbie angle. The only reason I watch Chicago news is for the weather.

For the next week or so I will swear off watching or listening or reading any Chicago based news. If they pull this one off and win the whole thing the rest of the year will be unbearable.

(written 10-17-15 scheduled for publishment 10-18-15)

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